Special Visit from Some Holiday Elves - Holiday Express at Gateway School

Special Visit from Some Holiday Elves – Holiday Express

The Gateway SchoolOn Monday, December 15th, The Gateway School had a special treat. Once again this December, all of our students and faculty came down to our multi-purpose room to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Holiday Express volunteers who visited to help celebrate the holiday season! This wonderful organization was founded in 1993, by Tim McLoone.

Holiday Express works year-round to deliver music, food, gifts, and human kindness to adults and children in need, including the mentally and physically disabled, the isolated, individuals in addiction and recovery programs, the poor and the homeless, and children with serious illnesses. With a constituency of more than 15,000 throughout the metropolitan tri-state area, our priority is to serve those who are desperately in need and often forgotten. Nearly two decades ago, a small group of volunteers visited 10 charities. From that time, and a rather uncertain beginning, the charity programs have grown to a remarkable 60, slated from mid-November through Christmas Eve and Holiday Express is now an anchor in our community. The organization includes 100 professional singers and musicians who volunteer their time, and more than 1,300 other children and adult volunteers who work tirelessly year-round to prepare and perform the private charity programs at specialized schools, psychiatric facilities, homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Our from-the-heart troupe of musicians with several dozen support volunteers, bring music, friendship, hope and joy. These programs include a meal, gift bags, raffle prizes, face painting, crafts and the company of colorful characters including Frosty, the Grinch, Santa, and lots of Elves.