Gateway School Speech Therapy Program in Carteret New Jersey

Gateway School Speech Therapy Program

Speech therapy in Middlesex county njThe Speech Department at Gateway School is dedicated to the development of each student’s functional and social language skills within a supportive yet challenging environment. Our certified speech-language pathologists provide services in a variety of settings including individual, group, integrated and off-site experiences. A total communication approach is employed with an emphasis upon generalization into academic, daily living and social situations.

Speech Highlights:

  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) training including: Picture communication symbols/picture exchange communication systems (PECS), Speech Generating Devices, verbalizations & manual signs
  • Oral Motor Interventions
  • Social Groups
  • School Store with an emphasis upon functional communication skills
  • Community- based instruction
Speech therapy at The Gateway School NJThe Gateway School Speech Department, along with the Gateway School staff, are dedicated to helping each and every student reach their full communicative potential throughout all school-based activities, as well as provide families the training and support that they need to help their child attain their highest abilities at home.