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Podcast with Attorney Christine Matus from the Matus Law Group

Attorney Christine Matus speaks with Erik Glazner and Erika Casablanca from the Alpha, Harbor and Gateway Schools. We find out how these schools help students with specials needs learn skills, and prepare for life experiences. Listen to the podcast here.
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On August 14, 2018, Erik Glazner, Supervisor of Instruction for Alpha, Harbor and Gateway Schools, and Erika Casablanca, STEMLab Teacher for Gateway School and Lead Marketer for Alpha, Harbor, and Gateway Schools, spoke with Attorney Christine Matus on one of her Ask A Lawyer podcast episodes. Christine Matus is an estate planning attorney and the owner of The Matus Law Group in Red Bank, New Jersey and Toms River, New Jersey. Christine Matus has dedicated a large portion of her estate planning practice to helping families with special needs individuals. In this podcast episode, Erik and Erika spoke about how Alpha, Harbor, and Gateway Schools educate students with special needs and prepare them for life experiences.

The Matus Law Group

Whether you need to create a long-overdue estate plan or provide for the needs of your special needs child or parent, our NJ estate planning team is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. The founder of The Matus Law Group is not only an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, she is also the mother of a special needs child who is the light of her life. The Matus Law Group has a rich 20+-year heritage in the Toms River, NJ community. Located in Ocean County, we also serve families throughout Monmouth County and the surrounding areas.

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