The Gateway School | Carteret, NJ | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a sampling of some of the most common questions that come up during an initial visit to The Gateway School.

In addition some of these questions come up upon the students’ acceptance into our school. If you should have any further questions please call us at 732-541-4400.

How long is the school day?

What is the ratio of staff to students?

How do you handle behavior issues?

Are the staff certified?

How many students are in a class?

Can I observe my child in the classroom?

How long are speech, occupational and physical therapy sessions?

Is the therapy done individually or in a group?

How is transportation provided?

How can the parent/guardian communicate with the staff?

What will determine the child's acceptance in The Gateway School?

How soon can the child begin attending The Gateway School?

Who is eligible for placement and who initiates the placement?

How much is tuition and who is respondsible for payment?

How are the children grouped in classes?

What is The Gateway School's approach to academics?

Are students taught life skills?

Does The Gateway School offer transition services?

Does The Gateway School have a summer school program?

Does The Gateway School have a lunch program?

What type of related services are available at The Gateway School?

Is there parent training offered at The Gateway School?

If you would like to move forward and consider admission to The Gateway School, please call today at 732.541.4400