Technology programs at the Gateway School in Carteret New Jersey

Technology programs at the Gateway School

We infuse technological support and academics across all areas of our program. From web-based instruction in all content areas, to student support through communication devices such as FM systems and iPads, to our new STEM Lab focusing on Science Technology Engineering and Math instruction through hands-on, project-based learning.

autistic student using augmentative device for education

Augmentative Technology

Augmentative/Alternative Communications (AAC) systems are utilized to assist students with difficulties communicating, expressing themselves, and sharing their needs. A variety of devices including iPads and FM Systems are utilized in our classrooms and with our support services staff. Programs such as Proloquo2go and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) provide students with ways to communicate and advocate for themselves. Our goal is to assist all students with becoming as independent as possible.


student using computer as part of special education at gateway school


Each of our classrooms has a combination of desktop and laptop computers, Google Chromebooks, an interactive whiteboard system, and iPads. Instruction incorporates web-based activities and assessment utilizing programs such as the Unique Learning System, News2You, IXL, MobyMax, Reading A-Z, and Scholastic News. All students receive personal accounts they could access from home and families could follow-up, reinforce, and monitor their child’s progress.


use of mimeo system in special education in nj


MimioTeach is an interactive whiteboard system. Each of our classrooms utilize the technology to provide fun, engaging instruction for all students. This technology allows instruction to be hands-on and interactive where students activate multiple senses while learning. Students are able to move about the classroom and answer questions by simply touching the board in the appropriate area with the stylus.


young student at the gateway school using the ipad for special education program


Each classroom is equipped with iPads which are used for student support and instruction. Students can be seen utilizing the iPads as communication devices or engaging in web-based instruction activities. Many the programs we use for academic instruction are web-based and tablet friendly. Additional apps are also utilized to engage students in instruction and self-monitoring. Applications are used for staff and students to monitor target goals and incentives for students. The iPads also serve as a tool to ready our students for the advancing technological world they will enter as adults. We can all see how interactive, tablet-like screens are prevalent in public from airports, to department stores, to restaurants.

STEM lab at the gateway school for special education in NJ


We opened our brand new, state of the art, STEM Lab in September of 2016.

STEM instruction focuses on hands-on, project-based learning in Science Technology Engineering and Math. Throughout the curriculum students are given a problem and tasked with finding various ways to solve it. Students work independently and in small groups on building models, coding, media recording, and photo, audio, and video editing. Our STEM program is highly engaging for all students.