The Gateway School | Carteret, NJ | Adapted Physical Education

Adaptive Physical Education Programs

The overall health, fitness level and physical growth of the students are the focus of the adaptive physical education program at The Gateway School. Each student’s program is focused on their abilities and the program is adapted for their full potential.

Physical education classes are regularly three days a week. In addition to the actual activity, all students are taught following rules, sportsmanship, and personal goals. The physical education classes include many sports: soccer, softball, basketball, track and field skills, and floor hockey. The APE teacher also monitors gym periods to be sure all students are involved and are assisted to participate.

We offer a multitude of additional opportunities that promote the social, physical and emotional growth of all our students.

  • Health classes are given to all students once a week, focusing on personal care, heart health, bodily changes, and nutrition.
  • The entire school participates in the American Heart Association – “Jump Rope for Heart” in February which focuses on fundraising and heart-health education.
  • The school has a weight room that includes power lifting equipment, stationary bikes, and treadmills.
  • Fitness groups are run all through the year for students who might benefit from additional physical activity. The students might include work on muscle strengthening or physical activity, as in a walking program.
  • During the school year, each class participates in a swim program for six sessions at the pool at The Robert Wood Johnson Wellness and Fitness Center in Carteret.
  • During the year, we join our sister schools Harbor and Alpha for intramural events: soccer, floor hockey, basketball and softball. All students have an opportunity to attend at least two intramural events.
  • The school sponsors students for Special Olympics in Power Lifting, Bocce and Track and Field. We provide training to eligible students and accompany them to the state events.

Adapted Physical Education