The Gateway School is a Special Needs School in Carteret New Jersey

Welcome to The Gateway School

The Gateway School is a New Jersey Special Needs school which provides educational, therapeutic and support services for students with special needs in Middlesex and surrounding counties in Central and Northern New Jersey.

Here at the Gateway School in Carteret, New Jersey we are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing educational environment serving students from ages 5-21. Our academic and support services address students with a variety of challenges such as, multiply disabled or cognitively impaired, autistic spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury or other health impairments.

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Our Updated "The Gateway School" Video Tour!

Our updated video production is complete, so take a few minutes to watch all the academic and support services we offer here at The Gateway School in Carteret, NJ. Hear from our staff regarding academics, support services (speech, OT, PT), behavioral health, physical education, transition and more!
A special thanks to GV CERV Communications for their development, filming, and planning of this video tour production.

So come on over and see a glimpse of The Gateway School of Carteret, New Jersey.

The Gateway School Program Highlight

Technology has become integral to education, offering innovative tools and resources that can transform the learning experience. For students with special needs, technology takes on an even more significant role as assistive devices and software can bridge gaps, enhance accessibility, and foster independence. At Gateway School, we understand the profound impact of assistive technology on our student's education and their journey toward greater independence. This article will explore

For Child Study Team Members

At The Gateway School, we understand the complexities and challenges when finding the best fit for your student that satisfies both the child’s needs and IEP goals, but also the support a parent needs to be part of our family with the goal of ensuring growth and achievements for your challenging student. Click below to download a quick fact sheet that can help you familiarize yourself with our diverse and comprehensive programs.

academic program for special needs students in NJ


Our academic program is individualized to meet the specific needs of each learner. We aim to provide a balance of core academics and functional skills learning in a multi-sensory learning environment.

learning life skills at special needs school

Life Skills

A wide range of activities to teach everyday living including but not limited to: activities of daily life, domestic skills, cooking, grooming skills, community living and pre-vocational skills.

STEM lab at the gateway school special needs school in NJ


At Gateway School, we remain abreast of current instructional technologies to meet the needs of all learners. Student are engaged in hands-on, interactive, highly-engaging learning activities of various ability levels.

counselor working with autistic student

Support Services

Our School seeks to empower each student with skills for life, work and recreation believing that every individual possesses the dignity and potential to contribute to a better world. Gateway School offers a flexible curriculum to accommodate the different learning styles of our students. Our range of support services span behavioral, occupational, physical and speech therapies.

autistic high school student learning job skills in nj


Preparing our students and families for the road that lies ahead is realized by providing students with pre-vocational activities, school jobs, and career exploration. As students get older they begin Job Sampling under the leadership of our SLE Coordinator. Parents and Guardians are likewise prepared for their child's transitioning to adult supports in the community.

kevin jones principal The Gateway School Carteret NJ

The Gateway School community supports a vibrant program that continually challenges each student, staff member and families to develop and enhance their skills and talents in support of one another and all those who may be in need. The Gateway School is truly a nurturing and supportive environment which embraces all those who enter in a spirit of mutual respect, collaboration and advocacy towards hope and possibility for a lifetime.

– Kevin Jones, Principal at The Gateway School, Carteret, NJ