Art and Music Programs - Gateway School a Special Needs School in NJ

Art and Music Programs

gateway school art and music program for special need students

Art programs

The art program at The Gateway School is designed to provide all of our students with the opportunity to:

  • inspire creativity
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • expose them to a variety of ability-appropriate art projects

These projects increase their interest in the arts and most importantly build the students’ confidence and self-esteem.

All of our students participate in the end-of-the-year Art Exhibit at Gateway School during graduation. This event enables both students and parents to appreciate the hard work and accomplishments made during the school year. On several occasions our students’ art has been selected to be exhibited at local libraries and other community locations.

art program at the gateway school
art exhibit special education school
wall art by students at the gateway school of carteret

music program with Holiday Express in Carteret nj

Music programs

special needs students enjoying a music performanceThe music program at Gateway School focuses on finding and strengthening the talents of each individual student. Both choral and instrumental music are taught in class. In addition, students have the opportunity to join chorus and practice their composition skills using computers in Music Lab. Music Lab is a collaboration between the music and science departments to infuse STEM learning into music education. Our students also have the opportunity to participate in our Holiday and Spring shows, and a talent show is performed each school year to showcase the students’ musical skills.

students performing at a talent show in New Jersey