Special Needs Students in NJ - (Parent Support) The Gateway School

Information for Parents and Guardians of The Gateway School

Special Needs Students in New Jersey at an art class

Parents and families are a crucial component to the success of our students here at The Gateway School. The following links are to specific sections of our site such as our school calendar and the Parent Resource section.

The Gateway School encourages open communication with parents. We invite you to contact any staff member that you need to discuss any issues or concerns with. The principal at The Gateway School has an “Open-Door” policy. Parents can visit their child’s classroom or therapy sessions by setting up an appointment or by just stopping by. It is important for parents to feel that they are welcome to visit their child’s school at any time and be able to observe that their child is receiving the services and program that they need.

Please be sure always visit often to stay up-to-date on events within the school and your child’s respective classroom.