New Supervisor of Instruction at Gateway School in Carteret NJ

New Supervisor of Instruction

We wish to introduce and extend a warm welcome to Mr. John Gonzalez, who joined the Gateway team as Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction in July of 2016. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and New Jersey City University. Mr. Gonzalez holds a Master of Arts in Special Education and brings 15 years of experience working as a classroom teacher, head teacher, and administrator with the Jersey City and Newark Public Schools.

Mr. Gonzalez has many exciting and innovative ideas for our curriculum and instruction and is actively engaged in all the classrooms. He has quickly begun to increase the use of technology in the classroom through leading-edge applications that will benefit students and teachers. He has facilitated improved electronic communication between staff and parents with the implementation of “Classroom DoJo”. We welcome “Mr. G.” to our team and look forward to a well-rounded, progressive year ahead, focusing on group and individualized learning.