Multi-Cultural Day - The Gateway School

Multi-Cultural Day

On Friday, March 16th, 2018 our elementary and middle school students participated in Multi-Cultural Day. The students began this assignment last week with the collaboration between the families and teachers. Once the students had their country, they began researching the country in our STEM Lab.


After completing all the research, the students began their product. Ms. Marvulli’s class created powerpoints in the STEM Lab, Ms. Thein’s class created posters, and Ms. Amy’s class made trip-fold posters.

Today the student came together and listened to the different presentations about each country. The students got to learn about different cultures and countries. When all the presentations were finished, we got to eat meals that were prepared by the students and their families.


To view more pictures about our Multi-Cultural Day, please visit our Facebook page and click on Multi-Cultural Day in the photos section.