Getting to Know Our Staff featuring ... Ms. Dorak - The Gateway School

Getting to Know Our Staff featuring … Ms. Dorak

Kobe one of our high schoolers, interviewed one of our teacher assistants/Crisis Prevention Member Ms. Dorak, aka Miss Sarah.

Kobe: How long have you worked at Gateway School?

Ms. Dorak: I have worked here for sixteen years as a one-to-one teachers assistant. My mom worked here before me and she is the one who lead me into the teaching field.


Kobe: Where did you grow up?

Ms. Dorak: I grew up right here in Carteret!


Kobe: Do you have any pets?

Ms. Dorak: I have one fish, who my daughter Mia is in love with!


Kobe: Do you have any hobbies?

Ms. Dorak: In my spare time, I love to bake. Anything from cookies to cupcakes! A few other things, I like to do are shopping and taking pictures.


Kobe: What’s your favorite color?

Ms. Dorak: Pink.

Kobe: What do you like to watch on television?

Ms. Dorak: My favorite show is This Is Us.

THANK YOU Ms. Dorak for letting us

get to know you better!