CBI Trips and Collaborations! - The Gateway School

CBI Trips and Collaborations!

Gateway School loves to incorporate Curriculum Based Instruction (CBI) trips into our students education! This past Friday, our youngest class went to the trampoline center, Rebounderz to work on their gross motor skills.

With the collaboration of their classroom teacher, and the occupational therapists, the students worked on their proprioceptive input, proprioception is our sense of where our body parts are in relationship to each other. This is the sense that allows us to touch our nose with our eyes closed. We get this type of input through physical effort and deep pressure to our muscles and joints. Other targets that were focused were neuro-chemical regulation, strengthening, vestibular input, social interaction, and motor skill development.

During the time at Rebounderz, students bounced on open trampolines, bounced on trampolines playing basketball, and swam in a foam pit. The students had a blast working on their skills, while having fun.

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