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Calm & Directed Classroom Management!

The Lee Canter model of “Assertive Discipline” is a teacher-centered classroom management model. The model emphasizes a safe, calm, and professional classroom environment. Teachers learn 11 key features that focusses on using clear rules and directions in the classroom. This helps students better understand the behavior expectations.  For example, “Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself” & “No Name Calling” is more specific than “Be Respectful of Others.” In September, each of our teachers along with their classroom paraprofessionals,  presented on an assigned feature. There was engaging conversation as the entire staff became more knowledgeable on this very important classroom management plan! Lee Canter – Assertive Discipline – Home (



Ms. Leoanard’s Team presents!



Ms. Kielbus and team presenting!                      Staff gathering important new knowledge!