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What Is Social-Emotional Learning?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of human development that begins in early childhood and continues well into adulthood. SEL involves the following five core competencies:Self-awareness: the ability to recognize one’s emotions, thoughts, and actions, as well as personal strengths and challenges. Self-control: the ability to express emotions appropriately under challenging situations.Social Awareness: the ability […]

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Core Vocabulary for Nonverbal Students

Everyone has the right to communicate their wants, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Non-verbal students have a range of methods of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to support their communication, from low-tech approaches like pictures, sign language, and gestures to high-tech approaches like speech-generating devices and iPad apps. While they certainly add to students’ existing ways […]

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How STEM Education Helps Build Confidence

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education involves active problem solving, collaboration, and communication in a fun way, often with hands-on materials. According to Nancy Tsupros, Director of STEM Services at CMU, “STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as students apply science, technology, engineering, and […]

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How STEM Helps Support Life Skills

STEM-based (science, technology, engineering, and math) lessons prepare students for careers of the future, but they can also help special needs students with functional life skills today. STEM skills, such as problem solving, collaboration, communication, adaptability, and critical thinking are the soft skills that allow students to apply knowledge they acquire in school to real […]

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Welcome to Gateway School – September 2020!

The Gateway School an private special education school in New Jersey Request a Tour 732.541.4400 Our Mission at The Gateway School is to help all of our special needs students with the learning, social, language, and behavioral support they deserve. Our highly skilled staff are committed daily to helping each student to becoming the best […]

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Tips for Vacationing with your Special Needs Child

While a vacation can be a great chance for parents to unwind, it can be tough for the special needs child. With planning and flexibility, however, it really is possible to have a positive family vacation. Here are some tips for making it work. Keep it simple. Consider staying in one place rather than travelling around. […]

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Anxiety During a National Emergency

As the news about COVID-19 gets more alarming every day, it is understandable that everyone is feeling anxious right now. With schools closed, special needs children are missing their normal routines and caregivers are faced with the overwhelming task of helping children make sense of what is happening. Our children are looking to us for […]

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