Initial Steps

  • Call is made by Case Manager from District andor Parent Inquiring about a Visit
  • Appointment is made for visit
  • Student Records are submitted for review by the Case Manager
  • Program is explained to Parent and or Case Manager
  • Parent and or Case Manager are taken on a tour of school
  • Parent and or Case Manager are given time to observe in the classes in their child’s age range
  • Wrap up discussion takes place after the observation
  • Brochures and other information are given to the parent and Case Manager

Follow Up

The Gateway School
Prospective student
visiting The Gateway School.

  • If parent is interested in placement, an appointment is made for child to visit the school. Based on observations during the visit, school staff will determine the appropriateness of the placement and will inform the parent and Case Manager of the decision concerning acceptance of the child into the school.
  • If parent chooses The Gateway School for their child, an IEP must be received by Gateway before the child can start school.

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