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Technology Programs at the Gateway School: IXL

From web-based instruction to communication devices, at Gateway School, we infuse technological support and learning across all areas of our program. Each of our classrooms has a combination of desktop and laptop computers, Chromebooks, an interactive whiteboard system, and iPads. Instruction incorporates web-based activities and assessment, utilizing programs such as IXL, a groundbreaking platform and curriculum for K–12 education.

It’s just one example of how we use technology to provide a deeply engaging academic experience for our students.

Featuring a comprehensive curriculum, the IXL Continuous Diagnostic, and real-time Analytics, IXL helps students reach their full potential by delivering a truly personalized online learning experience. It helps build academic confidence and brings a challenge to students that is both engaging and fun.

  • IXL Math covers more than 3,700 distinct math topics. Questions are algorithmically generated, meaning students will never see the same question twice no matter how long they practice. 
  • IXL English Language Arts provides unlimited, targeted practice of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. 
  • IXL Science and Social Studies provide expertly crafted content to challenge students to think critically, evaluate primary sources, and engage their innate curiosity. 

Combining the best of computer learning and traditional classroom instruction, each of these IXL curricula offers key benefits for learning:

Personalized Analytics

The Analytics section is extremely helpful in providing real-time data that teachers can stream while students are working. The reports show a very detailed picture of each student’s progress as well as class averages. It allows teachers to tailor instruction based on performance on certain skills, creating effective learning targets for each student.

Learning at the Right Pace

IXL gives students a fully detailed explanation of the problems they get wrong. This helps students understand their mistakes and improve skills at their own pace.

Reinforcement of Skills

All students receive personal accounts so they can access IXL and practice skills at home as well on any laptop or tablet. Parents can also follow-up, reinforce, and monitor their child’s progress. With IXL, parents and teachers can partner together to reinforce the specific skills that need improvement.

According to the IXL website, IXL is now used by more than 7 million students and more than 400,000 teachers, and at home by families worldwide. In studies of 42,940 schools across 12 states, IXL schools consistently outperform non-IXL schools, ranking as much as 16 percentile points higher on state assessments.

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Chris Hoye, Principal-The Gateway School of Carteret, NJ