Finding the right special education behavioral support for NJ students

Finding the Right Special Education School with Support Services in NJ

If a child is struggling with social, behavioral or emotional issues, the whole family tends to feel the strain. As a parent, it’s no question you want the best for your child, but many caregivers to children with special needs may feel confused or even unnecessarily embarrassed about seeking help. Whether you’re looking for structure so your child can grow both academically and socially, or specific special education support services in NJ such as speech therapy, physical therapy or even child psychiatric services, the Gateway School provides each child with a solid foundation that serves as their basis for future success.

autistic child with therapist

Finding the Right Special Education Support Services in NJ

Parents should know that seeking help to support the positive mental health of their child is a sign of strength, not weakness.

And they’re not alone.

For many developmentally disabled students, learning to manage challenging conditions can make the transition to young adulthood much smoother. And, while it’s important to become aware of the warning signs that your child could be struggling, it’s also critical to address these issues quickly and directly by seeking out the appropriate special education school and support services in NJ for students with disabling conditions, especially those with underlying mental health issues.

To address these situations at the Gateway School, we offer a variety of services in the area of Behavioral Supports, including ABA/Applied Behavioral Analysis, Child Psychiatric Services in partnership with the Rutgers-UBHC program, Counseling, Nursing, as well as traditional related services such as Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy. They are each an integral component of our educational team and uniquely based on a child’s individual needs as stated in their IEP (Individualized Education Program).

Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care Child Psychiatric Services in NJ

As a unique offering, the Gateway School provides access to Rutgers’ University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC) School-Based program. Here, families can confidently consult with a professional Child Psychiatrist to receive the non-stigmatizing counseling. The UBHC program emphasizes positive reinforcement focused on behaviors relevant to learning and building academic success and is designed to be flexible in order to best meet each individual’s needs.

The School-Based Program at the Gateway School

At Gateway School, we know that children and families can face significant emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges. These challenges can contribute to difficulties with the student’s overall ability to communicate, learn, make decisions, and unveil their strengths. To help navigate these challenges, the Gateway School provides an array of support services for special needs students including a collaboration with the Rutgers University Behavioral HealthCare (UBHC), to offer child psychiatric services in NJ through The School-Based Program. 

The goal of the School-Based Program is to create a healthy environment for learning that promotes academic and life success and provides a range of free and confidential mental health services for some of our students.

Health Concerns and Health Service Utilization in a Population Cohort of Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

About RKS Associates

Since 1980, RKS Associates has been a leader in providing the needs of special education students and helping children grow to their fullest potential. Each of our schools seeks to empower each student with skills for life, work, and recreation; we believe that every individual possesses the dignity and potential to contribute to a better world.

As part of the RKS Associates Network of schools in New Jersey, the goal at the Gateway School is to assist all students in becoming as independent as possible and help them get ready for the future. Located in Carteret, NJ, we serve individuals throughout Central and Northern New Jersey. Contact us at our main office at 732.541.4400 with any questions or schedule a private tour of the Gateway School today.

Our Mission at The Gateway School:
Provide a safe and nurturing educational environment dedicated to the vision that individuals with disabling conditions are entitled to a full and meaningful life.

Chris Hoye, Principal-The Gateway School, Carteret, NJ