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Special Needs Children and the Spectrum of Stress

The differently abled and oriented among us have taught us that human behavior exists on a spectrum, rather than in binary boxes. This applies to stress, as well. Not all stress is bad. It is not all good. Teaching this to children with learning disabilities will better prepare them for life’s challenges.We teach our students […]

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Lunch and Learn: Swim Team

This past Wednesday, Gateway School hosted a Lunch and Learn inviting parents and districts to watch the movie, Swim Team. Below is a description on the movie about these young men and their great achievements that occur during their time on the swim team. In New Jersey, the parents of a boy on the autism […]

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The benefits of multisensory approach in special education

Benefits of the Multisensory Approach in the Classroom Taking a multisensory approach to helping students with special needs can greatly enhance the learning environment in the classroom. Since all children learn differently and are differently abled, it is important to create lessons as well-rounded as possible. What Is a Multisensory Approach?A multisensory learning approach is […]

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Benefits of Special Education Programs on Physical Activity

Benefits of Special Education Programs on Physical Activity Nationwide, 25.6% of children and adults with a disability report being physically inactive during a typical week, compared to 12.8% of those without a disability. Everyone, including children with special needs, can benefit from regular participation in physical activity. In fact, research shows that physical education is […]

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RKS/Gateway School – Related Services Provider of the Year: Linda Oliva RN, BSN, NJ-CSN

​Gateway School belongs to the ASAH organization that represents most of the private schools for students with disabling conditions in the state of New Jersey.  This year Gateway School had the opportunity to nominate a candidate for the ASAH 2017 “Related Services Provider of the Year – Region III”.  We took this occasion to recommend […]

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