The Gateway SchoolThe Gateway School Transition Program is designed to foster independence through real life positive learning experiences. Each student will have the opportunity to reach their highest level of independence in daily living skills, social skills and vocational training in school while transitioning towards community based site, structured learning experiences.

Program Highlights:

  • Academic Survival Skills
  • Social Skill development
  • Critical thinking skills/problem solving skills
  • Time and Money management
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Career Possibilities and Preparation
  • The Job Application Process

Our program provides the student with the experience of working at a job within the school setting. The student’s time at work is recorded and his or her job performance is evaluated. This work experience helps the students to develop the work and social skills that are necessary prior to their placement at a SLE site in the local community.

Our students acquire school-based work experience in the following areas:

  • Cashier Skills
  • Delivery Services
  • Development of Small Businesses
  • Food Services
  • Inventory of Supplies
  • Maintenance Services
  • Office and Clerical Work
  • Sales Associate

The Gateway School students are given the opportunity to have several SLE’s at local participating businesses that have agreed to partner with us. Our staff works closely with the personnel of each business prior to and during the SLE. An Employment Specialist from our school accompanies each student to the community site to assist them in performing their required tasks and also to ensure appropriate interaction with co-workers and supervisors.

The students gain community-based work experience at the following types of work sites:

  • Chain Stores
  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Plant Nursery
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores

The school staff is committed to assisting students in acquiring the skills that will enable them to live independently, be actively involved in their communities and to acquire the appropriate supports that they need to be successful.

Program Goals:

  • To assist students in becoming knowledgeable about their strengths, interests and needs in order to help make them contributing members at home, at school and in the community.
  • To assist students and their families in their efforts in achieving employment, post-secondary, vocational and recreational goals upon graduation
  • The Gateway School

  • To assist students and their families through the transition process and connect them with adult services such as DDD, DVRS, SS, Performcare and Medicare prior to graduation.
  • To help students and their families navigate the Human Services system to get much needed services (respite, behavior management etc.)

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and nurturing educational environment dedicated to the vision that individuals with disabilities are entitled to a full and meaningful life.

The school seeks to empower each student with skills for life, work, and recreation, believing that every individual possesses the dignity and potential to contribute to a better world.

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