Gateway School Speech Therapy Program

The Gateway SchoolSpeech and Language services are provided by fully certified staff members within a host of varied modalities including individual, small group, large group (up to 5), off-site and integrated sessions. Each student’s mandates are individually tailored to meet their needs, with information from prior reports, in-house recommendations, informal assessments, parent input and teacher’s needs assessments shaping those mandates. This insures that each student is provided with the best mix of therapeutic activities to meet their augmentative, language, speech, social, communication, vocational and conversational needs.

Speech Program Highlights:

  • Total Communication Approach
  • Weekly team meetings designed to address each student’s needs
  • Fully integrated augmentative program with frequent and intensive use of iPad’s for increased communication, learning and involvement within all Gateway programs and activities.
  • Weekly in-class activity that allows for consistent integration of all speech and language goals into the daily classroom routine.
  • Assistance with hearing aid/FM system monitoring, repair and acquisition when needed.
  • Auditory processing therapy and FM utilization to improve processing
  • School store- this allows students to work on a variety of speech and language skills, ranging from communication with peers and staff through cashier and budgeting and shopping skills in a structured, therapeutic environment. This activity often opens the door to successful off-site experiences for the students.
  • Social skills groups
  • Augmentative choir- this allows students experiencing a high level of success with their iPad’s or other voice output augmentative devices to engage in simple “singing” activities using their devices.
  • Ongoing relationship with St. Joseph’s Center for Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Center with integration of recommendations when appropriate.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System training (PECS)

The Gateway SchoolThe Gateway School Speech Department, along with the Gateway School staff, are dedicated to helping each and every student reach their full communicative potential throughout all school-based activities, as well as provide families the training and support that they need to help their child attain their highest abilities at home.

Specialized Treatment Approaches:

  • Sign Language/Aural Rehabilitation
  • Augmentative Training- manual boards, strips and books
  • Augmentative Training- iPads and alternate voice output communication aids (VOCA)
  • PECS-Picture Exchange Communication System training
  • Fitzgerald Key Training (color coding system for increased success with identification, labeling, sentence construction and parts of speech identification) when utilizing voice output systems.
  • Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol
  • Specialized Social Competence Training
  • Community Based Instruction Conversational Programming

Mission Statement
To provide a safe and nurturing educational environment dedicated to the vision that individuals with disabilities are entitled to a full and meaningful life. The school seeks to empower each student with skills for life, work, and recreation, believing that every individual possesses the dignity and potential to contribute to a better world.

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